natea21 (natea21) wrote in gundam_herald,

Issue #875


General News

If you're aware of any recently posted art or fiction that is not appearing on this newsletter please leave a comment. If you've found an older work of art or fiction, please remember this is a newsletter for recently posted fiction, not a recommendation site. You may wish to consider directing your recommendations to a community such as try_this_fic.

Alternatively, a LiveJournal account has been set up purely to gather fiction and art work together in one place. If you're comfortable then please feel free to friend g_herald or email natea and your work will definitely be seen and posted in this newsletter.


  • Any work of fiction that does not have ratings, pairings, or appropriate, specific warnings, including but not limited to NCS, extreme violence, or particularly dark subject matter, may be excluded from inclusion in future issues at the discretion of the newsletter moderators.
  • Only art and fiction that is publicly viewable will be included; any work of fiction that is friends locked or available for viewing only by members of a particular community will not be listed.
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